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featureed image Published 2020-07-20, by Kellie Auman

Top Five Things to Explore on the New LogicBay Website

We are thrilled to announce our new website! Featured below are The Top Five things visitors can do when exploring the new site!

Top Five Things To Explore on Our New Site!

1. View content on LogicBay’s digital ecosystem for the manufacturing industry, FUSE and their PRM solution -- a brief overview or a deep-dive, both options are available!

Explore FUSE in more detail by viewing a current list of FUSE channels, learn more about pricing, and take a look through our video library of assets and tutorials.





2.  A detailed overview of key challenges encountered by manufacturers, dealers, distributors, suppliers and more and the necessary steps to achieve a comprehensive solution



3.  A searchable, data-driven resource library including digital presentations, videos, articles and case studies, webinars, and more.




4.  Easy access to a list of our on-demand and upcoming events




5.  A frictionless path to join FUSE, the first digital platform created for the manufacturing industry (FYI - it’s free to sign-up and become a member!)

FUSE is the only digital platform where manufacturers, dealers, distributors, fleets, educators, industry associations, trade schools, individuals, and customers can stay connected to conduct business more effectively.

Through FUSE, manufacturers have the capability to:

  • Leverage workflows for managing new product launches, dealer onboarding and support, sales enablement processes, lead management and incentives.
  • Provide the right information to each internal and external partner employee so that they can perform their jobs efficiently and effectively
  • Connect with businesses and individuals outside their network to generate new relationships and incremental streams of revenue
  • Foster collaboration across the ecosystem
  • Connect with other relevant audiences like trade schools, industry associations, consultants, and future employees
  • Offer proprietary training content for sale to drive new and additional revenue streams
  • Develop thought leadership with content and discussion forums resulting in subscription revenue



Our new and improved website comes during a time when so many of us are experiencing change and making the necessary adjustments to adapt. Here, at LogicBay, this project enabled us to combine content from our former LogicBay and FUSE websites resulting in a complete and focused site that supports a unified message, delivers a glossary of technology solutions, and prioritizes delivering value.

We really hope you like it!