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Embrace a digital transformation.

LogicBay Technology Solutions

LogicBay has designed its PRM, LMS, and Ecosystem technologies around solving six major challenges, while helping manufacturers foster a digital transformation across their distribution network. Managing dealer relationships is only the beginning—with the LogicBay PRM, manufacturers can build a thriving ecosystem.

Solve 6 Key Challenges of the Modern Distribution Network with the LogicBay PRM


Recruiting & Onboarding

Challenge: Onboarding is often expensive and time-consuming for new dealers. Having the right processes and systems in place takes the time and cost out of dealer onboarding, and helps recruit new dealers and distributors.

Solution: LogicBay’s PRM is a single point of entry for new dealers to access onboarding materials, participate in deal registration programs, and start training courses to hit the ground running.


Managing Lead Flow

Challenge: Effective deal registration and lead distribution processes are transparent and need to be supported by the right technology for manufacturers and partners.

Solution: Gain full access and insight into the lead pipeline across your distribution channel with a single system for your entire channel. Reduce the sales cycle, increase close rates, and build sales velocity.


Training & Enablement

Challenge: Dealers and distributors need easy access to relevant training and ongoing enablement resources, but having a system in place to get the right training to the right people can be difficult to manage.

Solution: Automate dealer development with defined training paths assigned automatically by type, job role, or any dealer criteria, supplemented by a self-service resource library.

Integrating Systems

Challenge: Too many systems, especially ones that don't communicate with one another, can strangle a dealer network with incomplete data, discordant systems, and too many logins to keep track of.

Solution: Unify information and systems in one solution with a full CRM and all-in-one customizable dashboard that tracks success on both dealer and individual levels.


Developing Incentives

Challenge: Incentives help manufacturers compete for their dealer rep’s attention, but tracking and managing a variety of incentives to keep dealers engaged gets messy with out-of-date, disconnected systems.

Solution: Offer a wide variety of incentives your dealers actually want and be able to track and measure specific activities tied to incentives on a dealer and individual level.


Measuring What Matters

Challenge: Metrics need to measure the health and performance of your distribution channel, and your technology solutions need the ability to measure the metrics that matter to your company.

Solution: Our platform puts data at your fingertips and acts as one central repository for all the information in your distribution channel with customizable dashboards unique to your company and specific dealers.

"We’re thrilled with the work that LogicBay has conducted thus far to help us achieve our training goals. The implementation team has really paid attention to our specific goals and has created a solution directly related to meeting our requirements. We’re excited about the opportunity to extend this solution to better support our customers as well."

Justin Sutton, Senior Technical Training Manager, Carolina Tractor & Equipment

"The technology we use to distribute learning solutions to our distribution channel does exactly what we need it to. The service is top notch and the LogicBay team is very responsive to our needs which has been wonderful."

Andy Miller, Caterpillar Inc.

"Sophisticated system; always being improved; knowledgeable and friendly staff!"

Jo Becker, Daimler Trucks North America

"Today’s technicians demand a career path that offers training and development and a chance for advancement. Through our partnership with LogicBay, CTE produced a multi-level Technician Career Development program on a digital platform that incorporates E-learning, Instructor Led Training , Competency Score Cards and Performance reviews at the click of a button.

Technicians are more engaged than ever in their career which translates into better retention. Managers value how easily the system allows them to check and verify technician progress and development, and our recruiters value it as a tool for recruitment.

We looked at several LMS providers and LogicBay stood out from the others as they offered an experienced team with a customizable approach and system that was capable of fitting our needs."

Joe Thornton, Employee Development Manager, Carolina Tractor & Equipment (CTE)

Discover How the LogicBay PRM Helps Connect Distribution Channels

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