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Executing an Ecosystem Strategy for the Manufacturing Industry: Five Questions to Ask to Ensure Success

Applying the ecosystem business model in the manufacturing industry implies that many dissimilar business entities, each with its own motives and purpose come together to derive value as an inter-connected whole. Outcomes are optimized when these parties leverage the best aspects of each other's participation in the ecosystem model.

In this webinar, we address five key questions to ask to better understand, plan for, and navigate the execution of an ecosystem strategy for your business.

  1. What should I consider before launching an ecosystem?
  2. What is the value proposition for each member to join the ecosystem?
  3. What expertise and workflows will assist each member drive value?
  4. Within the ecosystem, what tools and systems will guarantee a constant flow of dynamic information?
  5. How will the ecosystem enable the exchange of feedback and overall member interaction?


An Introduction to FUSE: A Digital Ecosystem for the Manufacturing Industry

LogicBay built FUSE, a digital, member-based ecosystem for the manufacturing industry. FUSE fosters opportunities for every member of the industry to connect, learn, and grow. The bottom line -- companies that become fully integrated across the entire ecosystem will improve innovation, serve customers more effectively, and grow sales faster. This webcast addresses the following:

  • What is an ecosystem?
  • Why are ecosystems important?
  • What is FUSE? Including ecosystem examples, benefits of FUSE, and practically, how it works.
  • A sneak peek into FUSE


Industry 4.0: Insights for Sales Channel Leaders

If you're eager to adapt, our Online Seminar Series Industry 4.0: Insights for Sales Channel Leaders, will provide information on how to reach your channel goals, address marketing challenges, and improve relationships with your channel partners and end users by evolving processes, technology and mindset.

This webcast addresses the following:

  • An overview of the existing landscape including, market expectations, buyer behaviors, business intelligence and collaborative improvement tools.
  • Buyers access information on their own - so successful sales channel delivers insights and expertise that contribute to business outcomes. Stop pushing information and start driving results.
  • Steps every company can take to leverage market changes and strengthen sales channel collaboration and performance.



Stay Connected: Become a Part of the FUSE Ecosystem

Don’t lose touch with your connections from events. Collaborate with manufacturers, dealers, distributors, fleet managers, educators, and more through FUSE.


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