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Build Your Channel | Channel Management | LogicBay | Sales

Four Major Challenges Facing Indirect Sales Channel Management

It's little wonder that as businesses expand and revenue targets increase,  companies turn towards an indirect sales model for moving their goods...
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Partner Relationship Management | Channel Management | Strategy | LogicBay | Sales

4 Channel Management Strategies for Maximizing Sales

Sales channels are the true lifeblood of any indirect-sales organization, which makes managing them a tricky proposition. How do you ensure you...
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Optimize Your Channel | Partner Relationship Management | Channel Management | LogicBay | Training | Sales

What Does Football and Sales Management Have in Common?

As many can relate, I have watched a few football games in my lifetime, perhaps more than just a few. Today, I noticed a correlation in what I saw...
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Partner Relationship Management | Channel Management | Marketing | LogicBay | Sales

Industry Trends for Indirect Sales Channel Management

The name of the game in indirect sales channel management is “integration.” Channel managers for manufacturers and OEMs are always looking for...
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Scale Your Channel | Partner Relationship Management | LogicBay | Sales

The PRM/CRM Balance – How to Handle Lead Management

Any business that sells through an indirect sales channel has likely encountered the challenge of lead registration and management. If your...
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Partner Relationship Management | Channel Management | LogicBay | Sales | Technology | Portal

What Does It Really Mean to Be “Easy to Do Business With?”

You hear it everywhere these days. Companies proclaiming that they want to be “easy to do business" with their channel partners. Who can blame...
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Optimize Your Channel | LogicBay | Sales

Share Indirect Sales Channel Best Practices Through your Training and Certification Platform

In the indirect sales channel, not all leads are created equal. This is channel management 101, but it’s worth revisiting. There are two basic...
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Build Your Channel | LogicBay | Sales

How to Master Indirect Sales

Direct sales approach or an indirect sales strategy? – this is a question that your company has grappled with and you have decided to use the ...
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LogicBay | Training | Sales

Don't Let Cold Leads Freeze Over – 3 Tips To Help Heat Things Up

In the sales world, it's accepted that not all leads will end in a conversion. It happens. People get disinterested, lose your contact...
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