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Digital Ecosystem | Data and Analytics | Industry 4.0

Data-Driven Processes Help Speed Up Manufacturing Recovery

The manufacturing world is restarting after the economic havoc caused by the pandemic, but production processes can’t be restarted overnight....
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FUSE | Digital Ecosystem | FUSE Products | Data and Analytics | Business Trends

The Importance of Data Integration to Digital Transformation

“Digital Transformation” is often thrown around as a buzzword, but what does it really mean?  At heart, it means restructuring an operation’s...
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Partner Relationship Management | LogicBay | Collaboration | Data and Analytics

How To Find Your North Star Metric

KPIs can be difficult to communicate – particularly across a large ecosystem. A North Star metric could potentially get around this problem, if...
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Partner Relationship Management | Best Practices | Channel Management | LogicBay | Data and Analytics

Case Study: A Global Trucking Company Tracks Metrics In Real Time

At LogicBay, we find ourselves helping companies of all sizes, from startups to global leaders. Today's example came from the latter – an...
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Build Your Channel | Channel Management | LogicBay | Sales | Data and Analytics

5 Critical Factors To Consider When Choosing KPIs

Channel managers often have questions about setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their sales channel ecosystem.  It's clear that an...
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Best Practices | Channel Management | Strategy | LogicBay | Collaboration | Data and Analytics

The Top Five Wrong & Right KPIs Used By VPs Of Channel Sales

Even the most sophisticated, global, multi-billion-dollar annual sales channel organizations make these same basic mistakes over-and-over...
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Channel Management | LogicBay | Data and Analytics

Five Tips For Finding The Right KPIs

Keeping track of the success of your vendor ecosystem can be difficult, particularly as it grows. A channel manager may be tasked with keeping...
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Partner Relationship Management | Marketing | LogicBay | Data and Analytics

The Challenge - and Opportunity - of Channel KPI's

No matter how well-integrated a partner is in the channel ecosystem, it's impossible for even the most responsible channel manager to keep tabs on...
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