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featureed image Published 2018-02-08, by Kellie Auman

Industry 4.0: The Best Way To Enhance Your Sales Channel

“Industry 4.0” refers to a broad range of initiatives intended to help implement modern technology to improve and streamline manufacturing processes. From initial materials to post-sale support, technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, virtual reality, and more can all be used to greatly enhance your manufacturing.

Until recently, there has been a gap in the Industry 4.0 portfolio of technologies which could help vendors oversee, manage, and enable their sales partner ecosystems. That’s where LogicBay comes in. Our proprietary blend of technologies and consulting are perfect for filling that gap in Industry 4.0 implementation, making it far simpler for you to manage your partners.

The Industry 4.0 Ready Partner Management Solution

Industry 4.0 initiatives are designed around creating industrial workflows which are streamlined, yet responsive enough to shift rapidly based on changing market or consumer demands. For years, this was a serious challenge for indirect sales vendors – and enough of an issue that it kept many vendors out of indirect sales entirely.

Unify Your Consumer Databases

Understanding the market for your product means understanding your customers, and how they’re using your products. This could be nearly impossible, when each channel partner had their own databases that you might or might not have access to. With LogicBay, you can create one single central database which holds all relevant customer information.

This allows you to conduct the same Big Data analytics that direct sale vendors enjoy, with nationwide -or worldwide- understanding of your customers and their needs. This can also improve the experience for your sales partners, in situations where multiple partners may be serving the same large-scale client.

Enable Rapid Roll-outs

While not always the case, it’s becoming increasingly common for product announcements and launches to happen with smaller windows in-between – or even have products drop on the same day as the announcement. This can be an incredible challenge for indirect sales setup, since a large-scale roll-out requires a huge educational effort while still maintaining secrecy.

As we discussed in a recent client feature, this is now absolutely achievable. You can centralize all training materials with e-learning modules, making it simple and easy for your partners to educate themselves on new products the moment you make the announcement. Even large scale product roll-outs can happen in secrecy, and without sacrificing customer experience.

Optimize Partner Efficiency

The centralization and data-crunching possibilities in LogicBay systems can also be used to improve the performance of your own partners.

Our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems work in ways similar to traditional CRM, except you can track and oversee your sales partners just as easily as you can your customers. This can allow you to optimize your sales partners with nearly the same level of granularity as you could an in-house sales team.

Measuring lead-to-sale conversion ratios, customer acquisition costs, lost leads, customer satisfaction, these all become entirely do-able with a PRM system working on your behalf.

With LogicBay by your side, being an indirect sales vendor does not mean sacrificing the speed, optimization, and flexibility of direct sales. To learn more, contact us directly and request a personalized demo – we’ll show you just how much LogicBay can do to improve your channel sales initiatives!