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Accelerate revenue with LogicBay's Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Solution


Channel friction comes in many forms. It sabotages channel revenue, undermines partner motivation and keeps channel managers up at night. Companies attempt to reduce it by hiring more people, spending money on point solutions and reassuring partners that tomorrow will be better. Incremental improvements help in the near term, but somehow the big results companies seek never materialize.

Companies want a breakthrough that will take their channel sales to the next level. But it’s hard to know how to get there from here.

Do any of these friction points sound familiar?


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At the end of the day, reducing channel friction means making relationships smooth and easy for partners, eliminating channel conflict and providing strong sales incentives. When you achieve these goals, revenue accelerates and everyone wins. But getting there is easier said than done, and can’t be accomplished simply by deploying new software.

The good news is that a comprehensive channel management methodology, coupled with advanced software tools, offer a path to revenue goals that channel managers can meet.


In another era, managing indirect sales channels was simpler and the path to increased revenue was clearer. Great sales reps, good documentation and reliable software to automate manual processes were usually the keys to success. Today the rules are different, if for no other reason than business moves at warp speed. Established processes and a legacy network of point solutions often cannot scale or evolve to meet new marketplace demands.

That’s why Partner Relationship Management exists. PRM is somewhat analogous to CRM, but optimized for channel sales. It’s actually a business philosophy and methodology that puts the channel partner at the center of everything. Accelerating revenue through partners requires a holistic approach that incorporates a broad review of channel strategy, an analysis of functional deficits, implementation planning, ongoing consulting and a technology solution that ties it all together.

A good partner portal supports the tactical plan derived from the work described above. It focuses exclusively on channel-optimized features and does not replicate capabilities that are handled well by other solutions. It must also integrate easily and seamlessly with existing solutions and best-of-breed applications that may be used later.

How LogicBay PRM Improves Profitability 

Marcom Support



Manage marketing content by ensuring that the right information is delivered to the right person on any device. Keep it simple for your partners with playbooks and automated campaigns that allow them to spend their time more effectively while focusing on what’s important.

Train & Certify



Use a comprehensive learning management system to ensure that partner personnel are equipped to sell and support your products and services. Track and measure training solutions delivered in a variety of formats.


Deal Registration & Lead Management



Track the entire lifecycle of every lead you generate or receive while providing targeted sales support. Ensure that everyone knows who owns each deal. Execute processes that deliver consistency and transparency to head off disputes.

Integrate Systems



Deploy a PRM solution that plays nicely with existing application implementations while optimizing channel-specific business processes


Recruit & Onboard



Get new partners up to speed quickly and efficiently. Define processes, milestones and measurable objectives to monitor and evaluate progress.

Track KPIs



Use real-time dashboards to monitor critical indicators across the channel. Drill down for insights into process improvement opportunities or to reveal partner-specific performance issues. Run your channel program proactively instead of reactively.


When you optimize these essential channel support objectives, you remove channel friction and make doing business with your company incredibly easy. The result is delighted partners with increased mindshare for your company and its products. When coupled with appropriate incentives (e.g., market development funds), the combination will motivate partners to increase sales at the expense of competitors.


Construction and Mining Equipment Manufacturer
The world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment utilizes the LogicBay PRM solution to drive performance.

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Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturer
A world leader in heavy duty truck manufacturing uses LogicBay PRM to support a new global product release.

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Hyster-Yale Materials Handling
Hyster-Yale, a leader in lift truck and materials-handling equipment, turned to LogicBay PRM to integrate a number of critical technology platforms and improve content delivery. 

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Equinox Louvered Roof 

Equinox Louvered Roof is the premier supplier of exclusive shade structures for luxury residential and architectural design applications uses LogicBay PRM to generate leads that could be delivered directly to their network of dealers to help gain mindshare and close more business.

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Hewlett-Packard supports sales training with the LogicBay PRM.

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High Tech Manufacturer
Using the LogicBay PRM solution to allow all of their OEM partners to access the sales and marketing content.

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ChristianSteven Software
ChristianSteven Software uses the LogicBay PRM to quickly and effectively get new partners up to speed.

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Outdoor Living Brands

Outdoor Living Brands franchisees now have access to robust training and networking tools, while multi-brand franchisees navigate between campuses to access the content they need.

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One size does not fit all.

Every channel program is different.

The value of the LogicBay PRM approach to channel management is that the methodology makes no up-front assumptions about how to manage a company’s indirect sales channel. While fundamental best practices for channel management exist, every company’s situation is unique beyond certain basics.

When LogicBay begins a client engagement, our experienced program management team guides clients through the following steps.


  • Assess the existing channel strategy in the context of corporate goals. Adjust as required to maintain alignment.
  • Understand existing performance gaps and/or strategic needs.
  • Develop a tactical plan with measurable objectives to close gaps or achieve a desired future state.
  • Map out the required technology layer by reviewing existing platforms and LogicBay partner portal capabilities.
  • Develop a “Think Big, Start Small, Build Fast” implementation plan.
  • Implement and integrate the partner portal with systems that will remain, and sunset the ones that aren’t needed anymore.
  • Maintain ongoing scalable assistance to your partners through the PRM system.
  • Review results periodically and adjust tactical plans as required to meet revenue objectives.

We view every client engagement as a long term relationship that continues to add value to your business, the market that surrounds it, and as buying behaviors evolve.

We aim to preserve existing investments in processes and technology while ensuring our partner portal plays nicely with other platforms. We never recommend deploying portal capabilities that are unneeded on the principle that simpler is always better. That said, LogicBay’s modular approach means clients can add new capabilities as needed without major disruptions.


We are firm believers that PRM is a journey, not a destination.

Our PRM Technology & Services are priced to match the value we deliver.

PRM Technology or Service PRM Technology Total Services Package ChannelStack
    Contact Us   Contact Us   Contact Us
PRM Technology Components      
Partner registration/enablement      
Content management      
Deal registration/lead management      
Learning management      
Event management      
Incentive management      
Managers console      
Dashboard analytics      
Multiple branded centers      
Mobile/responsive capability      
Co-Branded Marketing Platform      
Incentive Fulfillment?      
MDF Program Management?      
PRM Managed Services      
Remote System Administration?      
Channel Program Blueprint?      
Change Management Plan?      
Annual Partner Survey?      
Quarterly Business Reviews?      
Brainshark Content Development? Integration?      
DocuSign Integration?      
Program Design & Setup?      
Inbound Leads Website Development?      
Content/Asset Development?      
Initial Implementation Package $5,000 One-time Setup Fee Included at No Additional Charge  Included at No Additional Charge
Content/User Import      
Organizational Structure Setup      
User/Partner Registration Setup      
Site Branding      
System Administrator Training   Not Required Not Required


Additional services priced based on the specifics of your implementation:

  • Systems integration
  • Multiple languages
  • Akamai service for global deployments