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featureed image Published 2018-01-16, by Kellie Auman

Case Study: A Global Trucking Company Tracks Metrics In Real Time

At LogicBay, we find ourselves helping companies of all sizes, from startups to global leaders. Today's example came from the latter – an initiative that had to be executed flawlessly and near-simultaneously around the world, if everything was to come together.

At the time, we had been working with this particular client – one of the world’s largest heavy truck manufacturers – for some years, providing them with our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software platform. They had been using it in a limited capacity, but still seeing success in keeping track of their huge ecosystem that included more than 450 dealers worldwide. However, they had big plans ahead, and they knew they needed to call on us directly to make it happen.


The Challenge: A Global Announcement Of A Top-Secret Project

The truck engineering industry is every bit as competitive as consumer-level vehicles, and our client was about to roll-out something they expected to be a game-changer. They fully planned on it becoming one of their most popular products almost overnight and, in fact, that is exactly what happened. In short order, it would comprise around 60% of their global sales.

To start, a few things needed to be in place to make that happen. First, they had to keep a lid on the project until its official release – meaning nobody, not even the dealers, could know about it before the announcement. When that announcement happened, however, they then needed to roll out a huge amount of information and training to all their hundreds of dealers and thousands of sales staff, and see it adopted as quickly as possible.

That’s where we were called to assist. The LogicBay methodology is perfect for this sort of scenario. Training and certification is one area where our platform excels.

How To Sell A New Truck To The World

Our solution revolved around our Performance Center technology, an all-in-one source for communications, literature, and training. Working alongside our client, we were able to collect a wide range of materials in one place, everything a sales center would need to train their staff on the new vehicle. The work didn’t stop there. We also helped them create online training courses, a slideshow presentation, scripts to aid in selling, and a number of materials comparing their new truck to the competition.

According to them, no past product launch provided so much information on the same day the product was announced and launched.

The plan worked flawlessly. Dealers around the world were legitimately impressed by the size and scope of the materials provided, and their staff eagerly went through the online training and certification process. And, of course, there were plenty of sales! As our client contact put it:

“Before we had the Performance Center, we didn’t even have a list of the sales people at our dealerships. Communications went to sales managers and many of them just ended up unread on their desks. By using the Performance Center for this product launch, we were able to communicate the announcement to each dealer sales person on the day of the launch, and provide them all of the materials they needed to initiate their own local selling activities.”

By leveraging our solution, they successfully increased mindshare and engagement at the sales level – and that’s invaluable to any ecosystem looking to grow and thrive. If the local sales staff are genuinely excited to be working with your product, you’ll see better sales and better growth as a result.

To read the full version of the Case Study, click here.

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