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featureed image Published 2020-03-04, by Kellie Auman

FUSE: Driving Business Growth And Opportunity For The Manufacturing Industry

Digital ecosystems are taking over the industry, but they can be difficult to embrace due to the need for custom software platforms. At least, until now.

FUSE is the first open platform designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. It’s simple to use, and can link together any number of departments, partners, freelancers, even customers. If you see them as valuable parts of your ecosystem, you can invite them to join, and then they’re in your network.

Best of all, FUSE is free to sign up and use!

What FUSE Offers To Businesses Of All Sizes

FUSE is designed as an all-in-one platform aimed at encouraging collaboration, information sharing, and online learning. We’ve created it to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible, with an interface that resembles social media networks, so that there’s little need for additional training.

FUSE #1 30 Second Version

Speaking of training, our focus on eLearning is one of the aspects that truly sets FUSE apart. Admin-level accounts can easily create and implement online classes, complete with testing and user tracking. You can create entire curriculum to put online, allowing you to greatly reduce training costs while making training and certification available to a much wider variety of individuals.

Every user can browse for training they qualify for, based on the networks they’re connected to. The system tracks their progress, complete with customized development plans. There really isn’t an easier way to provide roadmaps to technical certification, no matter what your business or industry is.

Networking within FUSE relies on channels. Admin accounts can create channels for their business, for their industry, or for any other topic they want. Users can browse these through internal search tools, or be directly invited to join. Once within a channel, they can read and post messages, while engaging in conversations with other users. It’s a great way to share thought-provoking content, or to create private networks where strategies and content can be discussed. You control who has access to your channels.

All this is contained within an easy-to-read home screen dashboard interface, which provides users with direct links to all the content and channels they’ve connected with. It provides an all-in-one overview with the information they need to succeed, from current news to their educational progress.

No other platform available provides the same feature set – and we’ll be adding even more great features in the months and years to come.

Who Is LogicBay? 

We at LogicBay have more than a decade’s experience working with indirect sales vendors, consulting on technology and helping them build stable digital ecosystems for their sales channels. Thanks to our success there coaching world-class companies, we realized it was time to move beyond indirect sales and offer our ecosystem insights to all types of business.

What Is The Business Model?

Digital ecosystems can now benefit everyone, and we’re helping to make it happen. As far as the business model goes, we understand if you’re a little leery of the word “free.” However, FUSE is truly free to sign up and use.

As FUSE grows, you will have the opportunity to monetize aspects of the system – such as charging fees for training courses and certification. We’ll make our money taking a reasonable cut of those fees. That allows FUSE to become the premiere open platform for ecosystem construction, while ensuring it remains accessible to everyone within your ecosystem, no matter where they are.

To learn more, just sign up for your own free account. Or contact us directly for more information on becoming an administrator and truly reaping the benefits of FUSE.