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FUSE Channels

To make the most of your FUSE membership, subscribe, create, and manage channels.

Getting Started with a FUSE Channel

Any FUSE member may upgrade their subscription to own and manage a channel.

Think of a FUSE channel as a learning micro-site for your audience, where content and courseware can be curated and made available in a public or private format.

  • A public channel is preferable for content providers that want to promote their resources and training to all other FUSE members
  • A private channel, on the other hand, is better suited for those that need to control which members are given access

Within a FUSE channel, Premium Members can:

  • Make courses, curricula, and certifications available
  • Track member progress against learning and development plans
  • Provide resources associated with other relevant content
  • Promote products, services, and areas of expertise
  • Achieve new sources of revenue by making training content available for purchase
  • Monitor utilization metrics via pre-configured dashboards

*Premium Membership is required for each channel you choose to own. See our pricing page to learn more.

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