featureed image Published 2019-05-30, by Kellie Auman

Partner Highlight: Navigant Associates, LLC

At LogicBay, we pride ourselves on partnering with best-of-breed solution and technology providers. These partnerships are changing the landscape on how companies approach their sales channel initiatives.

Each month, we will highlight a member of our partner network. Each company we feature plays a vital role in our ChannelStack framework providing our customers a scalable solution to support their channel partners. First up, Navigant Associates, LLC.


Navigant Associates is a bespoke consultancy providing channel sales strategies for technical products and services. We help small and mid-sized clients grow top line revenue, market share, and customer retention through proven best practices. We design and deliver sales channel strategy consulting, workshops, and training resulting in a cultural change in the way clients grow revenue through 3rd party sales channels including distribution, manufacturer reps, agents, packagers and value-added resellers. 

Recent News

Navigant Associates started working with a global pump manufacturer last year who believed their direct sales penetration was maximized in a mature and flat industry.  They needed significant organic growth and felt like moving their aftermarket services to a channel strategy would be a viable alternative.  While the initiative looked good on paper, resourcing the appropriate support was challenging as incremental headcount was not an option. 

After deploying a structure of identifying the ideal channel partners, building a comprehensive enablement plan, and ensuring clear rules of engagement were established, the client executed the strategy late in year and is now recognizing the benefits of discipline and structure.  Without a single incremental headcount, the manufacturer added strong distribution and service partners quickly and are executing ahead of plan. 

Why Partner With LogicBay?

“Sales technology continues to evolve, and Navigant Associates is intent on staying ahead of this curve.  While channel strategy, structure and optimizing sales skills not only at the brand-level, but also in the channel are cornerstone principles of Navigant Associates’ solutions, LogicBay’s PRM technology will provide our clients a centralized singular portal providing channel management tools and easy-to-access information resulting in greater focus and higher performance for their channel partners.  We’re excited about the partnership with LogicBay.” 

-- Lee Richards, Managing Partner, Navigant Associates, LLC

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