featureed image Published 2019-06-19, by Kellie Auman

Partner Highlight: ManoByte

At LogicBay, we pride ourselves on partnering with best-of-breed solution and technology providers. These partnerships are changing the landscape on how companies approach their sales channel initiatives.

This week, we highlight a member of our partner network. Every company we feature on our Partner Highlight plays a vital role in our ChannelStack framework, providing customers a scalable solution to support their channel partners. Here's, ManoByte.

ManoByte LogicBay Partner


ManoByte was founded in 2008 by president and CEO, Kevin Dean. ManoByte started out as a social media agency during the digital marketing revolution. Since then, ManoByte has grown to become a business growth consultancy that focuses on digital marketing growth strategies and sales enablement services in the indirect sales distribution space for mid-market B2B companies.

Recent News

In April, ManoByte launched new websites for medical device manufacturer, Aspen Laser Systems, and their sister company, TheraLight, LLC. The websites feature new site navigation for an improved user experience, a new look and content focused on changing the way people understand laser therapy technology, and the Aspen Laser Systems site features a Find A Professional application where patients can find the healthcare facility with Aspen Laser devices closest to them.

Additionally, ManoByte has been working with Aspen Laser Systems on developing their partner marketing and indirect sales strategy to help support existing partners and attract new ones.


"As we branched into the indirect channel ecosystem, we realized there were different challenges in indirect sales that we couldn’t fully address. LogicBay offers a comprehensive solution to channel partner management, and we could tell by the content on their website that they’re committed to helping their customers succeed with partner relationship management."

“We sought out a partnership with LogicBay because we wanted to offer more to our clients in the indirect channel space. Companies who sell primarily indirect face a different set of challenges than those in direct sales, and LogicBay’s partner relationship management platform offers the solutions to those challenges.”

-- Kevin Dean, President & CEO, ManoByte

Quick Facts:

  • Website:
  • LogicBay Partner Type: Solution
  • Joined: 2019
  • Headquarter Location: Grand Rapids, MI, USA