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featureed image Published 2020-09-24, by Kellie Auman

Make Money and Save Money: Automated Manufacturing Processes are a Win-Win Proposition

Before 2020, the move towards full industrial automation – also known as “Industry 4.0” was well underway. Robotic and AI-driven automation systems became a robust, reliable technology across the 2010s, allowing manufacturers in all fields to streamline their processes while improving output.

Now, with the coronavirus outbreak and the uncertainty it brought, automation has become even more of an imperative for many operations. Social distancing rules and the need to prevent large-scale worker sickness, automation provides a path to restoring normal levels of manufacturing, while protecting your workforce from disease.

In this post, we take insights from an article we read recently that uncovers the growing list of automation benefits and how investing in automation can make money, save money, or in some cases both.

Leveraging AI for better products and QC

When linked to sensors of sufficiently high quality, AI driven manufacturing processes can oversee products far more effectively than any human. Temperatures can be consistently monitored to within fractions of a degree, and pressure changes can be registered that wouldn’t even be visible on typical gauges or readouts.

This means fewer dud products – saving money on defects – with a higher overall level of quality, impressing buyers and helping to put your products on top. Post-sale support costs should be reduced as well, due to the stringent QC.

In effect, you simply get more output for the same amount of input.

Less waste means improved green manufacturing processes

Being “green” in the manufacturing industry can be difficult, given the need for large amounts of raw materials, and the energy-heavy manipulation of those materials. However, AI and automation will reduce costs by reducing waste. This, in turn, creates substantial “green” benefits, particularly when dealing with materials which are scarce, difficult to obtain, or harmful to the planet when disposed of improperly.

You may even be able to automate processes for reclaiming and re-processing scrap metals, which will again save money in the long run while reducing waste. So, this is another win-win scenario. You see reduced costs and higher output, while also polluting less.

Reduce reliance on data silos

For a modern business, data silos can be bad news. Data within an electronically-driven operation needs to be shared, and made available to all relevant departments and workers. Only truly protected information, like customer data, needs to be walled-off or need-to-know. However, once entrenched, silos can be difficult to tear down, particularly if certain departments enjoy being gatekeepers.

Automation makes for an excellent excuse to tear down the silos anyway. AI systems require high level access to data, and create plenty of new data to analyze in turn. Automation systems will put you a long ways towards having a truly data-driven operation, and you could reap the benefits of that changeover for decades to come.

Taking action

Embracing automation in your business brings change. LogicBay has the tools and the platforms which can tie your ecosystem together, regardless of its size, scope, or scale. LogicBay’s Channel Performance Communication Plan (CPCP) is developed for both manufacturers and dealers to ensure consistency in communication and alignment at all levels so that everyone can be prepared – and motivated – to take on the important changes that have been identified as critical to achieving success. Our solutions encourage information-sharing, collaboration, and education, making for a more efficient operation overall. Contact us directly to learn more.

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