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featureed image Published 2021-07-08, by Kellie Auman

FUSE: Effectively Onboard New Hires and Achieve Optimal Results

If you're looking to reduce costs related to hiring, one of the best ways to save money is by improving and streamlining your onboarding processes. Training inevitably takes time, during which the new hire isn't being productive, but this time should be shortened as much as possible - but not at the expense of training quality! A poorly-trained worker will only incur more costs.

We've created our FUSE platform to make it as easy as possible to enable education and training within an industrial ecosystem, and it can greatly improve your onboarding practices. Best of all, FUSE is free to access! These are just a few of the ways FUSE makes for a better onboarding system.

Five Key FUSE Features That Help You Cut Onboarding Costs While Improving Training Quality

1. Pre-Defined Training And Certification Programs Arranged Into Curriculum

As your ecosystem grows, and the number of training modules grows, it can often be difficult to keep track of which employees need which training modules. FUSE alleviates this problem by allowing you to define career tracks and certification programs. All you do is place each new hire onto the appropriate track, and the system will serve up the associated training modules automatically.

Each employee's success is tracked separately, and you can always look at statistics at any level of granularity you desire.

2. Chat Based Expert Help

Your new employees don't have to go through onboarding alone. Our platform incorporates chatroom functionality directly into the training sessions, so that experienced trainers are only a click away if they have questions, problems, or concerns. This makes FUSE much more robust than typical eLearning platforms that leave users to fend for themselves.

3. Discussion Forums

Modern ecosystems thrive on collaboration, and FUSE is designed to encourage communication and sharing among workers. Our training systems have built-in access to discussion forums, so that trainees have even more options for seeking help as they prepare themselves for their new job.

4. Easy-Access Video And Documents Library

Beyond pre-defined training courses, FUSE allows allows you to upload nearly unlimited training videos, templates, slideshows, and other collateral. These can be placed into easily-accessible archives for trainees to refer to. User permissions can be deployed if you need to separate confidential information from more general training materials, and can also be applied to career track programs.

FUSE also supports user-generated content, so you can encourage your own workers to contribute training materials if they find gaps in the existing knowledge base.

5. Incentive Programs

Incentives are a great way to encourage success among your employees, as well as among any partners you may work with. FUSE supports robust points-based incentive programs out of the box. These can be incorporated into your training modules as well, if desired.

If you're looking for a great way to improve your onboarding processes, FUSE provides the solution. Of course, that's not all FUSE can do - it's intended to help companies of all sizes improve communication, training, and collaboration at all levels of their ecosystem. To learn more just contact us, or click here to create your own free FUSE account and see the platform for yourself.

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