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featureed image Published 2021-07-29, by Kellie Auman

Digital Content Development Can Create Superior Training Programs

New technologies are changing the way that companies are training their workforce, and providing ongoing development. Even before COVID-19, industries were moving away from a reliance on in-person seminars and classroom-style learning. Now, the field of employee training and onboarding has expanded substantially, with increased emphasis on digital training techniques such as 3D Graphics and use of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality in training programs. 

However, this introduces a new problem: where do the training materials come from?  Previously, when businesses relied mostly on text and slideshows for training, they could find talent in-house. Modern training techniques require a level of specialization that companies generally don't have on-staff - which is why content development partners have become more prominent in the training space. 

To make best use of modern training technologies, companies need partners capable of producing the best content and materials for those technologies.  For example: 

Motion Graphics 

Motion graphics - or put more simply, animation - is extremely effective in training scenarios. Animated sequences are better at creating an emotional connection in viewers, which can be important when dealing with issues such as heath and safety. They're also excellent at simplifying complex ideas or processes to make them easily digestible, while still being approachable even for newcomers. 


3D Modeling and Demonstrations 

Modern 3D modelers can create accurate reproductions of anything in the real world, and this can be helpful when dealing with complicated machinery.  A great content development group could, for example, create a 3D model of factory machinery which can then be explored, disassembled, and studied in detail.  This allows workers to understand the true 'inner workings' of mission-critical machines you'd never want to disassemble in real life unless it was an emergency. 

ICOM Video

Pro-Quality Video 

Sure, anyone today can "make a video" with little more than a smartphone and a laptop, but that doesn't mean it's going to make for a compelling training video.  The best training videos have high production quality, and draw in viewers much like TV shows or movies do.  Content development companies often have their own in-house studios, allowing them to produce broadcast-grade video materials at reasonable prices. 


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality training is truly becoming accessible.  Consumer-grade headsets can be purchased for as little as $200 each, and those prices are dropping all the time, making them viable as training aids.  However, the VR headsets still need software - and for that, you need a modern content creation company that knows how to create effective VR environments.  Once they do, it becomes possible to simulate and explore any aspect of a job.  VR can be especially effective for simulating emergency situations that would be impossible, or utterly unsafe, to do in real life.  You can't set your factory on fire to train fire containment procedures, but you could absolutely do it in VR - and while building actual muscle memory! 

Bringing It All Together 

The best modern training curriculum don't focus solely on one technology.  They use a range of materials and techniques, chosen so that each technology best fits the lesson being taught.  The best content development companies can create full curriculum that links together in an intelligent way, training your workforce in a deeper manner than was previously achievable. 

Recently, LogicBay has expanded their Services menu to offer Content Development in addition to our previously offered Consulting and Professional Services related to channel management, communication strategies, technology integrations, custom reporting, and data importing & exporting. To learn more about how your workforce can benefit from these Services, just contact us.

You can also learn more by visiting our Services page, here.

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