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featureed image Published 2020-04-14, by Kellie Auman

Working From Home? Embrace Tools That Enable Living at the Office

With the COVID-19 coronavirus still a major threat, and likely to stay that way for weeks or months to come, businesses are having to adapt rapidly to keep the lights on.  For a great many, this has meant embracing work-from-home measures, allowing their workforce to self-quarantine while still getting their work done.  This has caused, obviously enough, a huge upswing in remote workers within the last month.

However, this is actually not a new trend!  Remote work policies had already been on the rise; COVID-19 was merely a boost to the change in progress.  At this point, it is fair to say that working from home will not die down again once the virus ceases to be a threat.  It will almost certainly be a new feature of global business for years to come.

Trends In Remote Work Prior To COVID-19

Google recently compiled some interesting statistics, pointing out how a work at home revolution was already beginning to manifest long before the coronavirus became a confounding factor.

  • Over the past two years, searches for “remote jobs” had increased by more than 210%.
  • 80% of US workers would choose a job with flexible remote work options over one that didn’t.
  • 30% would sacrifice vacation time to be able to work at home
  • Employees actually working from home at least part-time has grown by 173% between 2005-2018 – excluding the self-employed.

The world of the 2010s was already trending heavily towards more flexible working conditions, enabled by the robust digital ecosystems now enjoyed by the business world.  COVID-19 did not change anything, in that respect.  It merely accelerated a process already underway.

Prepare For The New Paradigm By Embracing Tools That Enable Remote Work

Smart businesses are recognizing that they won’t be able to fully turn back the clock on work-at-home policies once the coronavirus blows over.  Now is the time to look for tools which allow for collaborative work to occur regardless of where a workforce is located, or what time it is locally, while improving communication and education within your distributed ecosystem.

Tools like FUSE.

FUSE #1 30 Second Version

FUSE by LogicBay is a first-of-its-kind productivity platform geared specifically towards the needs of businesses with a distributed workforce.  Whether you have a sprawling ecosystem of partner businesses who need to stay connected, or if you leverage the low costs of utilizing freelancers instead of traditional salaried workers, FUSE gives you a full suite of tools to keep them all pointed in the right direction.

With FUSE, your workers can communicate and collaborate across multiple mediums, while also networking across your industry.  It can also host extensive eLearning modules and systems, making it simple for you to keep your distributed workforce trained and up-to-date at all times.

The future is changing.  FUSE is here to make that change easier.

See how it works!

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