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featureed image Published 2020-04-16, by Kellie Auman

Working From Home? A Collection of Videos Sharing What We've Learned

We all have observed how the COVID-19 crisis is forcing so much of the world to work remotely and transition to a ‘new normal’ in terms of what a typical work day looks like.  Most of us, here at LogicBay, are already well versed on working from home and managing our day from outside an ordinary office environment.

Given our years of experience, we put together a series of videos to share what we've learned - in the forms of advice, benefits, potential challenges, general observations and in some cases a tour of our home workspace. Each video provides a unique take on working remotely and ways to help adapt to 'living at work'. 

Feel free to share this post, and let us know what you've learned!

Panaccione COVID 19 video v2

John Panaccione, CEO


Auman COVID 19 video camtasia version

Kellie Auman, Director of Marketing & Communications


Mark COVID 19 video

Mark Tebault, VP of Customer Care


Andrew COVID 19 video

Andrew King, Senior Software Architect


Seth COVID 19 video

Seth Jacobsen, VP of Sales & Marketing


Stephen COVID 19 video

Stephen MacIsaac, Account Executive


Susan COVID 19 video

Susan Grandy, Senior Software Engineer


Todd COVID 19 video

Todd Grant, FUSE Program Director