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featureed image Published 2017-07-20, by Kellie Auman

Lead Management: Maximizing Visibility and Velocity of Partner Opportunities

We were proud to recently host a learning webinar, Lead Management: Maximizing Visibility and Velocity of Partner Opportunities, with Maria Chien of SiriusDecisions. To access the recording, keep reading.

Companies that sell through an indirect sales channel face many challenges when it comes to lead management. Examples include:

  • Alignment between marketing and sales
  • Tracking the progression of leads in the channel
  • Alignment on the 'rules of engagement'
  • Effectively managing a deal registration and lead management program
  • Supporting data to make necessary improvements over time

By reviewing the webinar content, we are confident you will walk away with some important takeaways to help evaluate what aspects of lead management in your channel are creating the biggest roadblocks, and guidance around the proper steps to overcome those challenges such as:

  • An understanding of the role the Demand Waterfall plays in channel lead development
  • A diagnostic tool to pinpoint and address the issues that inhibit success
  • Real-life lead management scenarios and solutions that can improve performance

Where PRM Comes In

Partner Relationship Management software is the only tool which can truly tie all aspects of a channel ecosystem together, and allow them to function cohesively. 

If you are struggling with effective lead management, or find there is too much disparity in how your sales partners treat their leads, PRM could be the answer to these issues.  

Contact LogicBay today and schedule a free demonstration of our industry-leading PRM tool.  You’ll see for yourself just how much it can do to optimize your organization.