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featureed image Published 2022-03-17, by Kellie Auman

Improve Virtual Learning with LogicBay's Microsoft Teams Integration

In recent years, videoconferencing has become a cornerstone of many businesses, particularly those with a distributed or at-home workforce. In many cases, video is by far the easiest way to arrange meetings among people in different locations, while getting some of the energy that comes from live interactions.

However, this has created challenges in the field of learning and training. Traditionally, videoconferencing apps have been separate and stand-alone. Instructors leading classes would have to manually keep track of participants, completion rates, and whether anyone dropped out before completion. Even if the instructor could do this, without disrupting the lesson, it would be difficult to put that data into their Learning Management System (LMS) or other reporting systems.

Now, things are different. LogicBay's Performance Center now supports full integration with Microsoft Teams. ELearning sessions can now be tracked as easily as any other Teams activity.

LogicBay's Solutions + Microsoft Teams Simplifies Live Video Lessons

If you're using Teams, as well as Azure Active Directory, you can easily connect your Teams account directly to LogicBay's Performance Center. From there, any lessons or courses conducted through Teams will be tracked just like any other lesson with the data going straight into the Performance Center LMS.

For your learners, this process is absolutely seamless and invisible. They'll get a link to the Teams meeting that looks just like any other Teams meeting, and likewise, they can attend using their PC, laptop, or mobile device just as before. There's no change for them, and if they're familiar with Teams, they may even prefer it to other bespoke solutions.

Meanwhile, the instructor gains instant access to a wealth of information. The instructor will be able to instantly see who joins, how long they stay, who drops, who no-shows, and who successfully completes the lesson. It's visible to the instructor during the lesson, as well as being saved for reporting once the lesson is over.

Better yet, this can be incorporated into your large-scale certification and development plans. You can make Teams virtual instruction a part of any existing curriculum, or offer them as stand-alone lessons. Plus, of course, lessons can be saved for later playback as well.

Integrate Your Training, Certification, And Collaboration

This is just one more way LogicBay is constantly working to make improvements to their elearning solutions. The Performance Center provides a framework and workflows to optimizes sales through channel partners and FUSE, a digital ecosystem that is free to join and allows you to quickly and easily create excellent training curriculum for any topic. 

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