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featureed image Published 2021-09-28, by Kellie Auman

Improve Training With LogicBay's Zoom Integration

From the beginning, LogicBay's solutions were designed to enable communication, collaboration, and learning - and we're always looking for ways to improve and make our solutions better. Today, we're proud to announce a major new feature which will make it easier than ever to conduct virtual training while collecting critical data and metrics for analysis.

LogicBay's Performance Center and digital ecosystem, FUSE now has Zoom integration!

This goes far beyond simply allowing Zoom calls within our technology solutions. Our deep integration allows for Zoom to become a reliable part of your instructor-led training, while allowing you to track the success of your training programs!

How Zoom Integration Improves Training Sessions

One of the biggest challenges with using Zoom or other videoconferencing services within training programs is that it was difficult to collect participation data.

  • Who showed up?
  • Did they complete the full training session?
  • How well did each participant perform?
  • Did the training session meet its business objectives?

Now, these questions can be answered easily, and added into your overall data set tracking the success of your training programs.

Easy Tracking and Reporting

Participants in the sessions will receive notifications through the system, as they would for any training program. These can be accessed through the computer or mobile device of their choice. However, these won't be normal Zoom meetings. The integration tracks registration, attendance, and ongoing participation. This information is available in real time, so instructors will be able to keep track of their class, even when there are numerous simultaneous participants. From here, the data can be analyzed and reported on, the same as with any class.

Besides tracking and reporting on each individual instructor-led training sessions, these sessions can now be captured and made part of larger training programs. You can make replays available for standalone review, or integrate them into your curriculum. With this integration, it's easy to make a Zoom training session part of a certification program, or a career development plan for participants.

New Revenue Streams

Monetization is an option as well. If certifications are a part of your revenue stream, these Zoom sessions can be included. Better yet, you'll have the metrics to demonstrate the efficacy of the training session - providing extra value for money.

We work closely with our users to identify ways to continue improving and add more features that competing systems don't offer. We have no doubt that this will substantially improve user experience, as well as offering more options for remote training. To learn more about our Zoom Integration, or for a demonstration of how the Performance Center and FUSE can improve your business, just contact us!

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