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featureed image Published 2021-04-01, by Kellie Auman

Improve Association Recruitment and Retention With Online Systems

Industry associations can be a fantastic way of cultivating ideas and innovation, while establishing members as leaders within their industry - if, that is, you can successfully recruit and retain members. Successfully keeping an industry association going can be challenging even in the best of times, but these aren't the best of times. The ongoing economic and social disruption than began in 2020 continues to create numerous challenges to industry associations.

Fortunately, new technology is creating solutions to some of these challenges, particularly those relating to problems getting people to connect and network while maintaining social distancing. Online systems create new opportunities for industry associations to expand and grow!

Online tools allow for robust online communication, collaboration, interaction, and learning - all without leaving your home.  Our technology and services, including our Learning Management System (LMS), enable users at every level to come together and collaborate, whether they're partners, vendors, manufacturers, tech workers, or even end users. This brings numerous attractive benefits to association partners and members:

Lower barriers to entry

Participating in an industry association can be expensive, especially if there are a large number of conferences and other events to attend. Moving many of these events online greatly reduces the cost of participation, making them more attractive - particularly to new recruits. In addition, fewer live events also lowers the cost for you and other organizers, potentially allowing you to reduce membership rates and other fees.

Combined, this makes it far easier to gain and retain new members in your association.

Fewer cliques freezing out members

While not universal, it's fair to say that many industry associations can be a bit clique-ish, which makes them imposing for newer/younger members. This is particularly noticeable at live events, where less-connected members may have difficulty making their voices heard, or even getting to participate in high-profile events.

Moving the discussions online will democratize participation to a large extent. Sure, there will always be members with stronger or weaker voices, but everyone has a voice in online forums. Those with good ideas will attract notice, even if they aren't among the group of initial members.

Streamlined training and certification (with monetization opportunities)

Online industry association communities (including partners) can also host a LMS full of modules and educational tools relevant to the industry. This can be a big help in a few ways. First, it standardizes learning, when everyone is pulling from the same training materials. Also, it makes those training materials more widely available, which can be helpful if you're trying to train more technicians without in-person sessions, for example. Plus, training and certification programs can be monetized. More members means more certifications, boosting the association budget.



LogicBay's Solutions Provide New Opportunities For Association Partners and Members

LogicBay’s technology and services help Industry Associations achieve tighter connections with their partners and members. And, here’s the icing on the cake: your digital environment can be launched inexpensively in a matter of weeks, with customized styling to align with your brand. 

Embrace a solution that empowers your partners and members. Elevate value and drive results by increasing your member engagement, leveraging e-commerce capabilities to drive new revenue and turning virtual experiences into live and recorded training and certification events. Book a call with us to learn more!

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