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featureed image Published 2019-11-12, by Kellie Auman

Four Ways Your Customers Benefit From Digital Upgrades

When writing about the benefits of digital transformation, it’s easy to focus on the direct benefits to the company implementing those changes. Moving to a digital, data-focused workflow can significantly improve efficiency, reduce safety hazards, and give you the information needed to quickly make decisions in a fast-moving market environment.

However, there are other factors to consider here, such as your customers. Companies which embrace digital strategies can also offer significantly better experiences to their customers – and that means higher lifetime value from your customers, as well as more positive word of mouth! These customer-facing benefits can easily drive up the long-term ROI you see from your new technology investments.

1. An easier shopping experience

One of the most disruptive factors in modern B2B sales is actually coming from the consumer side of things. Increasingly, buyers are demanding Amazon-style shopping experiences in every form of sales they participate in. Buyers under 40, in particular, dislike the traditional methods of doing B2B business, and want to have DIY options available so they can quickly complete transactions.

If you’re still forcing customers to make phone calls for every purchase, there’s a strong likelihood that you’re starting to lose them to businesses offering a more streamlined experience. Digital upgrades make this sort of online shopping experience possible to implement.

2. Multiple ways to get in touch

Another major benefit you can offer to your customers is that they can have more ways to contact you. Once your systems have received a digital facelift, email becomes easier to use, along with direct-messaging systems. You could even implement AI chatbots, to handle routine inquiries without the need for paid staff.

This is relevant because the younger generations heavily dislike phone calls. They typically view telephones as being among the least efficient ways of doing business, and will be glad if you offer them more options in making contact.

3. Fluid contact experiences

Here’s a common customer service problem that everyone hates: You call into a service center with some sort of complaint or request. You give them your name, your account details, and tell them about your issue, then they tell you they’re transferring you to another department. That department picks up… and you have to explain everything all over again.

If you’ve noticed that this is becoming less common, you have digital transformations to thank! A fully digital customer service system allows information like that to easily pass between different agents and sales staff, making for a far less frustrating experience whenever someone makes contact. (And it works across different contact methods, too!)

4. Relevant resources and content

Digital transformation can result in better advertising, too! You’ll be able to track your customers in much more detail, including compiling more information about their individual interests, dislikes, and other pieces of relevant demographic information. In turn, this means you’ll be able to provide marketing materials and other outreach which is more likely to be of interest to them.

Marketing with a “wide net” is rarely effective, because digitally-savvy customers know most of the tricks used in mass-market advertising. On the other hand, if you provide them with materials which are directly relevant to them, they will be much more appreciative!

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