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featureed image Published 2015-09-30, by John Gelardi

Channel Success: 8 Sales Podcasts That Are Influencing Business Decisions Today

There are 8 podcasts about sales that every CMO and CSO should be listening to. Marketing and channel sales go hand-in-hand and there are a variety of podcasts on the internet today that can be extremely informational. They are learning tools that can promote new perspectives and ideas. They are also extremely convenient  to listen to.

Here is a list of 8 podcasts related to business strategy that are sure to provide value:

1. As Told by Nomads

As Told by Nomads is hosted by a digital marketing specialist, Tayo Rockson, who offers a significant amount of perspective regarding the business world. If you are looking to market a company using a variety of different channels, this podcast can help you think outside of the box and create a unique and smart point of view for your marketing plan.

2. Intelligence Squared

Intelligence Squared is a unique approach for a podcast. The shows include Oxford style debates that allow you to not only listen to two opposing sides, but prepare for your own high-level discussions, allowing you to learn more about how to take a professional and economical approach to fighting for what you believe in, including new sales channels.

3. HBR Idea Cast

The HBR Idea Cast offers a different tack on Harvard Business Review topics. Interviews are conducted with the authors of the Harvard Business Review. The podcasts are short and sweet and focus on leadership and success. Interviews have included Bob Pozen, Maggie Craddock, and more.

4. TED Talks

Most people have seen TED Talk videos (Technology, Entertainment and Design), but not many have tapped into the equally insightful TED podcast. The recordings provide a significant information about technology, business, marketing, and some of the latest and greatest companies as well as inventions that are helping businesses to move forward and challenge the competition in new ways. It has been around in various forms since 1984.

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5. Help! My Business Sucks!

Posted by Andrew Lock, Help! My Business Sucks! takes a nontraditional route in order to make marketing more exciting. He discusses the various sales channels and showcases products that can help your business soar. He believes that humor can often drive a point home, and it has been very effective.

6.  Foundation

Foundation is hosted by Kevin Rose, successful entrepreneur and founder of Digg. He features a variety of guests who have made it big in the business world. Together, they discuss an array of ideas, their inspirations, and how they got to where they are today. Regardless of where you are struggling on channel sales, the information shared within this podcast is very informative.

7. CEO Exchange

The CEO Exchange podcast is sponsored by PBS and includes interviews with many leading CEOs from around the country. It's a way to learn from some of the most successful companies within an industry, gaining insight to what they are doing that you probably aren't.

8. Global Growth Simplified

This podcast hosted by Doris Nagel provides a unique perspective on the challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls frequently associated with global expansion through an indirect sales channel. With an emphasis on compliance, expansion strategies, and distributor optimization, this podcast will provide a solid foundation for anyone considering global expansion.