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featureed image Published 2019-04-17, by Kellie Auman

Channel Insight: Five Ideas To Help Connect You With Your Target Audience

Right now, the traditional wisdom for finding a target market is: Don’t cast too wide a net. Look for a specific well-defined group for whom your products are a perfect fit, then target them with a laser focus.

That’s good advice in theory, but it brings with it a new challenge: actually finding real-world members of that target market and putting your messages in front of them. This is something that many businesses clearly struggle with!

According to a Ytel study last year, 55% of businesses either strongly or somewhat agreed that putting their messages in front of the right people was a major challenge. In fact, only 10% strongly disagreed with the idea.

Given this stat, we have some suggestions for how you and your partners can go about finding your audience.

1. Go beyond the surface in social media

There’s a world of social media sites out there, and most of them have unique user bases. There are plenty of sources of social media demographics out there, so do a little research and look for the ones your audience is likely to be using – even if it’s not a traditional outlet. Also, remember “Internet 2.0” style forum-based sites such as Reddit, which often have communities dedicated to pretty much anything.

2. Target social media influencers

If there’s a major figure in social media who seems like a perfect fit for your product, target them directly. Invite them to events, or send them free products or samples. They are the bellwethers who can put your message in front of the masses.

3. Start a YouTube channel

If you or your partners don’t have a channel, it’s high time to make one. Better yet, YouTube videos can be made for cheap – no one expects high production value. YouTube makes it easier for your audience to find you, plus videos can be shared anywhere you think your audience might be hiding.

4. Attend more live events

Don’t do all your research online – in person networking is still one of the most effective ways of connecting with an audience. Trade shows, expositions, and other industry-specific live events should always be high on your priority list.

5. Emphasize local marketing

Help your partners invest in local marketing! That can be one of the most effective methods of audience-building, as well as one which will pay off directly for your partners. Assisting in local marketing is also a great way to build mindshare among your partners too.

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