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featureed image Published 2015-09-29, by Seth Jacobsen

Improve Collaboration With Your Dealers Through Technology

Manufacturers, in their quest to increase the brand loyalty and mind share of dealer employees, look for ways to increase dealer engagement and collaboration. It’s almost counter-intuitive, but today technology can make it easier to encourage engagement with your channel partner employees. Technology can make your company more “human-like,” it can provide more touch points to your brand, and generate more brand loyalty, not less.  

Use a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) System 

Adopting a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system to connect with your dealers is the most important first-step to take. PRM systems give companies an integrated system to market, sell and service their products more effectively than traditional sales applications. It’s a best practice that should be integrated into any company selling through a channel today. 

Integrate the PRM with Your CRM

As more companies adopt a PRM to manage the activities of their dealers, it’s becoming clear that linking these two separate tools can enhance the effectiveness of each. Combining information from both a CRM and PRM can provide a more global view of the entire channel, from dealer to customer, yet preserve the individual value that each system provides.

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“Go Mobile” with Tablets and Applications

More and more companies are pushing some of their training, product presentations, online libraries and ordering applications to a dealer mobile or tablet environment. As becomming the norm with interactinh with dealers and customers, manufacturers are seeing that tablets and mobile apps are significantly increasing engagement with their dealers and customers.

Successful companies work to connect all of these technology advancements together to the benefit of both the company and its dealers. That’s how they create real engagement and an improved ROI.

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