featureed image Published 2015-09-15, by Seth Jacobsen

Partner Relationship Management Playbook [Infographic]

For many best-in-class manufacturers, a sales channel “playbook” consists of a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system that allows the “coaches” (CMOs & Channel Managers), and “players” (channel partners and dealers’ salespeople, service techs, parts experts and others) to perform at their very best. With the right blend of smart coaching, great players and a strong playbook, your channel team will be set up to make a title run of its own.

What’s in your PRM Playbook? 

Your PRM Playbook should have strategies and systems in place to handle any situation that arises.  There are a few basic types of plays that should be in any Playbook. These plays help you mitigate channel conflict, establish clear roles and responsibilities, and make it easier for your channel partners to do business with you.

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