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See LogicBay's technology solutions in action!

Microsoft Teams Integration

Take your training program virtual and track progress, course completions, who joined a training session and when via our integration with video conferencing platform, Microsoft Teams.

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Focuses on Outreach to Create New Students

Hear best practices from UTI regarding recruiting, training and supporting service technicians.

Breaze Integration

Create web-based training directly within the Performance Center and FUSE with self-authoring tool, Breaze.

How Carolina Tractor & Equipment (CTE) Turned Its Training Program Around

Hear best practices from CTE regarding recruiting, training and supporting service technicians.

How Altec Makes Better Service Technicians

Hear best practices from Altec Service Group regarding recruiting, training and supporting service technicians.

FUSE: Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Technicians

Finding the right technicians sounds easier than it is. Leverage the FUSE platform to recruit, hire and retain technicians that are ready to deliver.

FUSE: A Platform Overview

An interactive overview of the FUSE platform - a digital ecosystem for the manufacturing industry.

Monetizing Training Content

The FUSE platform is a great way to share training content and courses with a diverse audience in the manufacturing sector. Training can be online/virtual or in-person - instructor-lead classes and you establish the offered price.

Public & Private FUSE Channels

There are two types of channels in FUSE, public and private. Both can be created to promote brand specific content or information about a certain topic.

Offering Training for the Entire Manufacturing Sector

FUSE offers more than just technical training. FUSE members can access or sell any type of training such as leadership training, safety and compliance, soft skills and much more!

New Product Launches Made Easy

When launching a new product line, there's an abundance of information that needs to be shared with dealers and sales reps. FUSE can help make this process easier!

New Dealer Onboarding Simplified

Onboarding new dealers to sell your services and products can be challenging. FUSE helps keep dealers updated on everything they need to know about working with your organization.

Selling to New Audiences Brings New Revenue Streams

Great training content delivered through FUSE can help manufacturers sell their products to a broader audience. Purchasable training content, directed at the right audience, can bring new streams of revenue to your business.

Expanding New Ways to Communicate & Collaborate

Engage with industry peers, channel administrators, product experts, and other FUSE members on the FUSE platform. Some mechanisms include discussion groups, discussion forums, private messaging and more!