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Tools and resources for the network of manufacturing suppliers.

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FUSE for Suppliers

When you’re a supplier selling to manufacturing companies, it's often challenging to deliver information, supporting documentation and training to everyone at the OEM/brand.  Being able to do so would help you conduct business more effectively. FUSE is a digital ecosystem that allows suppliers to improve collaboration with OEMs/brands and customers through a single portal.

As a supplier, the FUSE ecosystem helps you:

  • Provide training and information to the OEM/brands which are your customers
  • Find new OEM/brands to market your products to
  • Receive and track qualified leads for your business
  • Leverage PRM & LMS functionality, tools, and best practices for your business to optimize training and productivity for a variety of roles, from sales to finance to service not only in your organization, but also for key partner stakeholders
  • Provide marketing materials, resources and knowledge to enhance sales performance

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Connect with Manufacturers

With FUSE, suppliers can communicate and collaborate with myriad OEM/brand customers thru a single login. Search for new brands to partner with and manage relationships with your current vendors within private ecosystems through FUSE, all powered by LogicBay’s PRM and LMS platforms.


Connect with Customers

The FUSE ecosystem helps suppliers interact with customers directly, to obtain feedback that provides guidance on product improvements directly from those that use the products manufactured with your company's parts.

Join the FUSE Ecosystem

Connect to the broader community of dealers, customers, fleet managers, and consultants, to connect, learn, and grow with the only global digital ecosystem for manufacturing.

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