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Channel Program Assessment Resource

Channel Program Self-Assessment

This assessment provides great insights into the current health of your sales channel. Complete and use our Channel Program Blueprint for actionable recommendations.

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Industry 4.0: Insights for Sales Channel Leaders

Check out this online seminar providing best practices for channel leaders re: Industry 4.0.

Beginners Guide To CRM

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Industry 4.0: Technology Insights for Channel Program Optimization

It's time to let go of the status quo and embrace change in your sales channel. This resource can get you started.

30 Greatest SAAS Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Executive Briefs & Whitepapers

Our executive briefs offer a condensed edition of our whitepapers. 

Available versions can be found by clicking on the title that interests you.


Building A Successful Indirect Sales Channel

Here we expose best practices for early-staged companies to nurture and build a successful indirect sales channel.

Channel Life Cycles

Here we describe the four stages of channel evolution, from launching a channel program to optimizing a global program for continuous improvement.

CMO’s Guide To Managing Sales Channel Partners

This is your guide to designing breakthrough sales channel strategies and staying ahead of the competition.

CSO's Guide To Increasing Channel Partner Sales

Here we summarize areas of improvement for higher quality channel partner engagement and increased indirect sales.

Deal Registration & Lead Management In The Sales Channel

Here we discuss the impact of changing buying behaviors to vendors and their sales partners.
Industry 4.0 Executive Brief

Industry 4.0: Technology Insights for Channel Program Optimization

Let go of the status quo in your sales channel operations, transform your impact by embracing change.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM): Best Practices

Learn how PRM systems can optimize channel performance and increase channel sales.

PRM or CRM? The Right Choice For The Indirect Sales Channel

Here we discuss how to bridge the gap between vendors and their end customers by managing partner relationships during the distribution strategy.

Reducing Channel Conflict

Here we offer practical, useful, industry knowledge that you can use to help manage and grow your sales channels.

The Channel Program Blueprint

This is a comprehensive guide that describes our strategic planning process for achieving breakthrough sales channel performance.

The Definitive Guide To Training And Certification In The Distribution Channel

Here we provide a guide on how to build and execute a successful training program.

The ROI Of Partner Relationship Management

Let us help you develop a clear PRM business case for your stakeholders by highlighting the financial benefits.

Case Studies

Our case studies provide a detailed use case that describe specific pain points

encountered in the sales channel and the solutions that were applied.


ChristianSteven Software

We need to recruit partners and get them up to speed quickly.

Equinox Louvered Roof

We need to manage opportunities better by getting sales leads to our partners and vice-versa.

Heavy Duty Trucking

We need to have access to real-time dashboards and keep track of KPIs throughout the channel.

Heavy Equipment

We need to train and certify our dealer sales reps and service technicians for optimal performance.


We need to accelerate sales through improved processes and content management.

High Tech Manufacturer

We need to improve our partner marketing support through better materials and incentives.

Hyster-Yale Group

We need to make it easier for our dealers to do business with us.
Our online seminars offer an interactive learning experience, exploring vital parts of the indirect sales channel.

80 20 Rule Blues.png

Got The 80/20 Rule Blues In Your Sales Channel?

The 80/20 rule isn’t a new concept, but emerging

techniques and technology can help address this

long-standing challenge across sales channels.

Right Place. Right Time..png

Right Place. Right Time. 

In business, nothing stays the same for long.

Is your company reactive or proactive? Are you

prepared to adapt?


Technology Chaos Website Graphic-1.png

Making Sense Of Technology Chaos In The Sales Channel

Are the technology options that can help you scale your

sales channel confusing you? Is the acronym soup that

represents the hundreds of tools and systems designed

for the channel making your head spin?



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Five Things To Know For Achieving Breakthrough Growth In The Sales Channel

Find out how to approach a channel sales and channel marketing strategy that is complimentary and operates like a well-oiled machine.

Industry 4.0 Online Seminar

Industry 4.0: Insights for Sales Channel Leaders

Reach your channel goals, address marketing challenges, and improve relationships with your channel partners and end users by evolving processes, technology and mindset.

To help better manage your sales channel, check out insights from some of the world's industry leaders.