Competition for sales partners is tight.  Selling partners of all types (dealers, distributors, VARs, etc.) have a wealth of options when it comes to which manufacturers they chose to represent.  As a result, a manufacturer needs to stand out from the competition, and offer real value to its partners if they’re going to bring on the best channel partners.

There are numerous challenges of onboarding a new channel partner.  This usually includes a number of tasks required to bring a new partner onboard, and very few have the partners’ best interest in mind. They are often time-consuming and often expensive training processes.  There is documentation to sort through, and new lines of communication to understand in order to learn who does what. As a result, anything a vendor can do to make the onboarding process more streamlined and efficient will cause new partners to take notice, making it easier to do business.


Our technology and services are designed to make it as easy as possible for partners to work with you.  Our ChannelStackTM framework is a single point of entry for new partners to access onboarding material, participate in deal registration programs, and immediately start training programs that will help them hit the ground running. With our professional and consulting services teams available to support you in these initiatives both you and your partners will see greater productivity and fewer technological barriers to sales.

LogicBay PRM can help you:

  • Reduce numerous system log-ins to a single platform.
  • Deliver training programs and track individual partner progress.
  • Keep partners up-to-date with your new goals and initiatives.
  • Maintain a platform that is simple and easy to use.


Building A Successful Indirect Sales Channel