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Why Partner with LogicBay

LogicBay partners are part of the digital innovation in the manufacturing industry. When you partner with LogicBay, you’re partnering with a leading provider of PRM and digital ecosystem solutions that can help set your ideas into motion and deliver more success to your customers. LogicBay partners receive:

  • Proprietary intellectual property, including distribution channel strategies, methodology training, and best practices
  • Shared content to improve your inbound marketing strategy
  • Qualified leads to broaden your existing customer base
  • Co-branded marketing campaigns that help you generate more leads while promoting your brand
  • Joint sales support
  • Ongoing consulting opportunities that add value to your customer engagement

Our partner program is built to support our clients on two fundamental levels:

  1. Connecting technology applications that extend the value of our PRM and FUSE ecosystem offerings
  2. Connecting solution providers that drive the execution of a successful sales, marketing, and training programs throughout the manufacturing ecosystem

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Technology Partners

There are thousands of technology solutions available to support channel partners, but our network of top-of-the-line partners helps cut through the noise and give them seamless solutions. Our goal is to provide our customers with easily integrated platforms that allow them to leverage functionality far beyond what the traditional PRM has to offer.


Solution Partners

The right technology is the first step, but the right strategy is what drives true, sustainable growth for organizations going through a digital transformation. LogicBay’s solutions partners are key strategists that help our customers leverage their LogicBay solutions to manage, grow, and optimize their distribution channels.

Leverage FUSE as a LogicBay Partner

The FUSE digital ecosystem connects multiple audiences in the manufacturing industry, including technology and solution providers. Utilize FUSE to connect with your customers and their end users, build thought leadership, and offer online learning as an additional revenue stream by becoming a FUSE channel owner. Learn more about FUSE for channel and technology consultants through the link below.

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