Connect to Success

Our partner program is built to support our clients on two fundamental levels:

  1.  Connecting technology applications that extend the value of our ChannelStackTM framework. 

  2.  Connecting solution providers that drive the execution of a successful channel program. 

Technology Partners

The sales channel is a complex ecosystem, especially with all the technology solutions available to support channel partners. Our network of best-of-breed technology partners has been developed with this in mind.

Our goal is to provide our customers with access to an easily integrated approach that allows them to leverage functionality beyond what a traditional PRM system has to offer.

Solution Partners

Trends in today’s global B2B ecosystems are driving the demand for firms of all sizes to question their historical strategy for selling and servicing products through sales partners.  

Here at LogicBay, we have built our solution set around working with enterprise-class technologies that make it easy of our customers to maximize partner support through improved processes and strategies.


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