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Systems & Business Process Integration

Maintaining a high performing indirect sales channel requires finding ways for your company to work in concert with multiple independent partners. One of the core components of a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system is a platform to integrate into a single hub the various business processes that are conducted throughout the indirect sales channel.

Your company’s channel partners do not necessarily use the same processes and systems as you do. Nor do you have direct access to their systems; or they to yours. To achieve your objectives in the channel, address problems, and grow the channel, being able to easily access a complete view of the health of the channel is a critical PRM best practice. For a complete view of the health of the channel, what sort of partner related data will you need access to?

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system data. If your company and your partners use different CRM systems, you will need a way for them to “talk” to each other, so that sales and lead data is exchanged seamlessly. Registering and approving leads is an important strategy for reducing conflict in the channel.
  • Financial data. This is the data that’s generated and stored in an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. Accurate financial figures are what drive actionable analysis, so you must have them when you’re assessing channel health.
  • Market development funds and rebate data. Market Development Funds (MDFs) are one of the most common tools used by businesses to support the growth and success of their channels. But unless they’re used strategically, they won’t be successful. You need data on your partners’ performance with their MDF, and your partners need access to their MDF balances and a clear way to utilize those funds for  co-branded marketing material, local trade shows, and other marketing initiatives.

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