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FUSE for Manufacturers

Achieving improved digital connectivity in an expansive dispersed network of stakeholders is a challenge for manufacturers. FUSE is a digital, member-based ecosystem developed to eliminate productivity barriers by helping manufacturers connect and collaborate to grow their businesses.

As a manufacturer, FUSE is designed to help you:

  • Engage effectively with all constituents from supplier to dealer, and most importantly the customer, to strengthen overall business relationships
  • Provide the right resources and processes to support new product launch strategies
  • Identify, recruit and onboard new dealers and distributors, helping them sell and service your brand’s products more effectively
  • Work with trade schools to develop course material to train and certify tomorrow’s technicians
  • Support industry associations to bring more value to members regionally and in specific market sectors

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Connect with Stakeholders Digitally

FUSE allows you to strengthen online communities with every member in the industry ecosystem from supplier, to dealer, to customer, so you can jump-start the network effect across channels.

With FUSE you can:

  • Interact directly with the entire customer decision-making journey via customer mapping communications and content
  • Train and support your entire channel in a private, permission-based ecosystem, maintaining tight controls on proprietary content and courseware
  • Make non-proprietary content and courseware available to broader audiences, to build your brand and obtain new and incremental streams of revenue
  • Obtain sales leads, new dealer relationships, and improve feedback from customers

FUSE drives stronger relationships that will result in more sales from existing and new sources.

Connect with Trade Schools

Collaborate with trade schools to build courses and help schools fill class seats. With a shortage of technicians, FUSE gives manufacturers and trade schools the opportunity to work in tandem to recruit, train, and hire qualified techs with the skills to service your products and provide a better experience for your customers.

Join the FUSE Ecosystem

Connect to the broader community of dealers, customers, fleet managers, and consultants, to connect, learn, and grow with the only global digital ecosystem for manufacturing.

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