To succeed in sales, you need to maximize the potential of every lead.  The difficulty of achieving this in an indirect sales channel is amplified when your sales partners are scattered across the country as independent businesses.  Remaining competitive means having the ability to effectively share leads with your channel partners, and provide targeted support throughout the sales cycle to help your partners close more deals.

A single system-of-record is often the stumbling block.  Partner companies use their own systems, possibly their own CRM, oftentimes keeping you out of the loop. Without a system that allows partners to register deals, you have no visibility into the true nature of your pipeline. When you have qualified leads to pass to your channel partners, an email notification with an Excel attachment just doesn’t cut it. The challenge is defining a process of deal registration and lead distribution that’s accurate and transparent to all those that need to know - and a technology platform that supports that process.


The LogicBay solution creates a single source of truth for all leads from all partner sales companies.  A Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system for channel sales is analogous to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for direct sales.  You can finally have full access and insight into the lead pipeline at the partner level, while providing shared reporting and visibility. This helps reduce the sales cycle, increase close rates, and increase overall sales velocity.

Our technology allows you to:

  • Enable deal registration across the partner network.
  • Deliver qualified leads down to partners for executing the sales process.
  • Produce actionable reporting and analysis of lead and sales conversions.
  • Segment reporting information across partner types, geographies, and product categories.
  • Create genuine actionable intelligence for improving lead conversion processes.


Deal Registration & Lead Management In The Sales Channel