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LogicBay Partner Program

Foster innovation and drive change in the manufacturing industry.

Benefits of a Partnership

When you become a LogicBay Partner, you enter into a unique relationship with a leading Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution provider that allows you to set your ideas in motion on the road to making your customers more successful. We offer a proven methodology and a technology stack that delivers meaningful results. To ensure your continued success as a Partner, LogicBay provides you with:

  • Proprietary intellectual property, including channel strategies, methodology training, and best practices
  • Shared content to improve your inbound marketing strategy
  • Qualified leads to broaden your existing customer base
  • Co-branded marketing campaigns that help you generate more leads while promoting your brand
  • Joint sales support
  • Ongoing consulting opportunities that add value to your customer engagement
  • An advanced, cloud-based partner portal that optimizes channel management processes

Revenue Opportunities

  • Initial consulting opportunities for channel planning, strategy, and execution
  • Ongoing consulting opportunities for continuous improvement
  • A percentage of recurring license fees for our PRM technology

Get Started by Completing our Partner Application 

Partnership FAQs

The process is simple. Fill out our online Partner Application and our team will schedule an online meeting to review the details. At that time, we will compare our offerings to your capabilities to understand if you can sell LogicBay’s solution and maintain productive client relationships.


Does it cost anything to become a partner?

Not at this time. During the current introductory period, we are signing up new LogicBay Partners without fees.


Can I review a partnership agreement before contacting you?

We will provide the partnership agreement as a follow-up to our initial discovery call. No two consulting partners are alike, so we prefer to ensure the partnership is a good fit for both parties before reviewing the agreement.


How is revenue structured?

We offer generous revenue share from our technology license fees. In addition, we provide initial and ongoing consulting opportunities that enable a profitable customer relationship.


How are leads managed?

We utilize our own PRM technology that allows our partners to register deals, and for us to distribute qualified leads to our partners based on specific areas of partner expertise.

What are the prerequisites for becoming a LogicBay partner?

You must work with an existing customer base that sells through an indirect sales channel, be willing to share content resources to supplement the resources that we provide, and promote certain PRM-related consulting assets on your corporate website to help generate demand.


Who owns the relationship with LogicBay Partner clients?

Although LogicBay maintains the contractual obligations with the end-customer for the hosting and support of our technology, you own the client relationship and are always the primary point of contact for everything not cited specifically as a service obligation. We consider your client relationship vital for our shared success over the long term.


Do I need to do much after initial consulting and technology deployment?

Yes! The LogicBay solution is a way of life for managing indirect channels. It doesn’t end after completing strategy and deployment tasks. It’s a methodology that requires continuing responses to KPI insights, evolving markets, shifts in buying behaviors and technology advances. 


Can I receive compensation if I refer leads to you that generate sales, even though I’m not a LogicBay Partner?

Yes; LogicBay has a program that compensates affiliated organizations for referrals that result in sales. 


Who is accountable if a client is unhappy or dissatisfied?

Both of our organizations are accountable. You own the client relationship, but behind that relationship is a team effort. This means we are jointly responsible for the success or failure of your clients.