Systems integration is a major hurdle for many indirect sales ecosystems.  A sales channel by definition is an ecosystem made up of separate entities. You have one set of information systems and your partners have theirs. Some of your systems talk to each other, - most don’t.  How do you ensure that everyone has access to the information they need to perform well?

Too many systems can strangle an ecosystem.  Many manufacturers have a portfolio of separate software solutions including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), training, incentive, reporting, warranty, configurator, inventory, rebate, and other IT systems. These systems all work great on their own at the manufacturer level, but when trying push these systems out to channel partners to use it gets complicated.  Multiple logins, licensing costs, integration issues, security – it just gets too difficult – pretty quickly. 


LogicBay’s ChannelStack™ is powered by its leading Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform.  PRM technology is designed specifically for solving the integration problem in indirect sales channels. 

Our PRM system:

  • Hosts a complete CRM-style sales and lead database.
  • Offers an attractive all-in-one-glance configurable dashboard.
  • Contains a full suite of electronic communications tools.
  • Has a full SCORM and Tin Can compliant Learning Management System.
  • Tracks successes on both a partner level and an individual level.
  • Provides ‘big data’ analysis and reporting tools for detailed analytics.
  • Has a fully integrated Sisense Business Intelligence engine.
  • Centralizes all technical information, marketing, and other critical documentation.
  • Simplifies every aspect of working within the channel ecosystem.