Systems integration is a major hurdle for many indirect sales ecosystems. You have one set of information systems and your partners have theirs. Some of your systems talk to each other, - most don’t.  

Too many systems can strangle an ecosystem. Many manufacturers have a portfolio of separate software solutions including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), training, incentive, reporting, warranty, configurator, inventory, rebate, and other IT systems. Multiple logins, licensing costs, integration issues, security – it just gets too difficult – pretty quickly. 


A few highlights of our PRM system:

  • Hosts a complete CRM-style sales and lead database.
  • Offers an attractive all-in-one-glance configurable dashboard.
  • Tracks successes on both a partner level and an individual level.
  • Provides ‘big data’ analysis and reporting tools for detailed analytics.


PRM or CRM        LogicBay PRM Best Practices

Hyster Yale Case Study


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