Industry 4.0: What You Should Know

Today’s sales channel leaders have the opportunity to radically remake the sales and distribution channel by tossing out the status quo and embracing transformation. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s time for a revised approach?

As buyers habits and market expectations evolve, direct and channel sales need to stay effective. Success requires adaptation of mindset, technology, reporting and collaboration models for industrial manufacturers. Some say that means eliminating the channel. We disagree because buyers want access to local expertise.

One theme resonates: the status quo is increasingly ineffective.

Industry 4.0: How to Adapt

Now that you understand the impact of Industry 4.0, are you prepared to transform your sales channel? Embracing change and adapting your current process, technology, planning approach and mindset is necessary to spur innovation. 

Our path to Industry 4.0 is structured around impacting customer success. For manufacturers this means implementing change through your dealers and distributors. At LogicBay, we believe that growth takes place by deepening customer understanding and insights, and engaging with customers in new ways. So, where should you start?  A good first step is to take a look at our Industry 4.0 Resources.

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Industry 4.0: Resource Bundle

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Our Industry 4.0 Resource Bundle includes the following resources:

From LogicBay:

  • Executive Brief: Industry 4.0: Technology Insights for Channel Program Optimization
  • Manufacturing Today article 
  • Online Seminar Series -- Industry 4.0: Insights for Sales Channel Leaders 
  • The State of the Channel Dealer Survey (Step 1)
  • The Channel Program Blueprint (Step 2) --- Updated version!
  • Change Management Plan (Step 3) --- NEW!

Contributions from our partner Consilium Global Business Advisors:

  • Guide to Revenue Growth for Industrial Manufacturers
  • Navigating the Turn: A Strategy Guide for the Industry 4.0 World

Industry 4.0 Blogs: