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Industry Associations

Connect with and provide value to your partners and your members.

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Solutions for Industry Associations

Industry Associations and their partners create communities meant to help members collaborate, engage with training and certification materials and host group meetings and events.

LogicBay's technology and services provide Industry Associations a dedicated environment to promote membership to a wider audience and collaborate and deliver value for their partners and members.

Our solutions:

  • Allow your members to establish a private environment leveraging powerful tools for engagement and collaboration and includes proprietary resources, tools and courseware.
  • Promote your association to a targeted audience within your region or industry sector
  • Enable tighter connections and collaborations among partners and members
  • Elevate your value and drive results and new streams of revenue

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Engage with your members & partners

Use our technology and services to promote your association and its events, attract new members, and build a private ecosystem for your current members to collaborate, communicate and learn!

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Implement training & certification tools

Industry Associations and their partners struggle with delivering web-based training and certification programs. Fortunately, in the digital age there are easy-to-launch solutions available for Associations to address these business challenges. And, here’s the icing on the cake: your digital environment can be launched inexpensively in a matter of weeks, with customized styling to align with your brand.

Industry Association Resources

Delivering Value to Your Association Partners & Members

Elevate your value to your partners and members through a technology solution that enables collaborations that drive results and deliver new streams of revenue.


Empowering partners and end users through a digital learning environment



Improve Association Recruitment and Retention With Online Systems

Industry associations can be a fantastic way of cultivating ideas and innovation, while establishing members as leaders within their industry - if, that is, you can successfully recruit and retain members.



Deliver Value to Your Partners and Members

Recruit, retain, train and certify your members. Embrace a solution that empowers your partners and members. Elevate your value and drive results and new revenue streams.

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