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21st Century Leadership

This channel provides content, resources and training courseware on the new mindsets, models and methods that are redefining leadership in the post-industrial age modern economy. This transformative leadership approach is called Conscious Leadership.

Channel Training and Marketing

ChannelSAGE, providers of Performance Acceleration and Channel Automation solutions, is an innovative services and technology company comprised of leading executives in the incentives and recognition business and the training, development and talent management industry.

DTNA - Independent Service Garage Technicians

The industry is on the move. Driven by demands to improve efficiency, productivity and safety, commercial transportation is in the midst of radical change. Daimler Trucks North America is at the forefront of this new era of mobility. An important aspect of maintaining the role of industry leader is doing our best to support the network of Independent Service Garages across the country.

Ecosystems for Manufacturing

Organizations seeking to connect digitally to end-customers and other key stakeholders are leveraging ecosystem business models. Why is this important? Digital collaborations & connectivity and exchanges of information drive innovation and value creation. This channel explores ecosystem best practices and how best-in-class companies are leveraging ecosystems to drive innovation.

Emmersive Infotech

Emmersive Infotech is a fast growing design and development company offering interactive solutions and knowledge management technology solutions.

HMI Performance Incentives

HMI Performance Incentives designs and operates your incentive solution using behavioral economics, data science, and multiple decades of sales and channel incentive experience. From global manufacturers to local distributorships, your solution will be the answer for business challenges and cater to your particular business model and audience.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Emmersive Infotech is a fast growing design and development company offering interactive solutions and knowledge management technology solutions.


LogicBay delivers technology-enabled channel management solutions that address key challenges that vendors and suppliers experience when selling through a channel.


ManoByte helps manufacturing companies refresh and revamp their dealer and distributor marketing strategies to launch their indirect channels into growth mode. We specialize in channel marketing, inbound strategy, digital marketing, and sales enablement for B2B mid-market manufacturing companies.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

This channel focuses on technology-enabled channel management solutions (PRM, LMS, etc.)

Robotic Marketer

Robotic Marketer provides small to medium sized businesses with a powerful marketing workshop and a marketing strategy aligned to your business goals. Utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and data science, your marketing strategy will benefit from an in-depth analysis of your competitors, the market and your target audience. Our Robotic assistant will provide key recommendations on the best marketing activities that will help your business succeed.

Strategy to Revenue

Strategy to Revenue is an award-winning sales enablement consultancy with offices in Europe and the USA. It works with organizations to unleash the full potential of sales teams, significantly improving their commercial performance, transforming their businesses and accelerating the time it takes to turn their strategy to revenue. Clients include DHL, HPE, Motorola and SAP.

VR for Workforce Development

Groundbreaking Virtual Reality Training for Workforce Development in the Industrial Sector.