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Service Level Agreement


The following definitions shall apply to this agreement:

  1. a)  Maintenance Time– The following time slots are reserved for regularly scheduled maintenance:
  • Fridays: 1:30 AM UTC – 3:30 AM UTC (2 hours)
  • Saturdays: 9:00 AM UTC – 11:00 AM UTC (2 hours)

This equates to a maximum of four (4) hours per week and sixteen (16) hours per month.  Maintenance Time is not included as part of the committed hours of service.  If a maintenance window is to be utilized, LogicBay will inform FUSE members no less than 48 hours in advance. 

  1. b)  Committed hours of service– FUSE will be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with the exception of scheduled maintenance time.  Committed hours of service equates to a minimum of 704 hours per month. 
  2. c)  Outage– shall mean the period of time measured in minutes per month for which FUSE is not available or is unusable during the committed hours of service. 
  3. d)  Outage hours– the total of all outages for a given time period measured in hours. 

FUSE Availability

This SLA is based upon application availability.  FUSE shall achieve a minimum monthly service level of 99% availability during committed hours of service.  Any individual outage in excess of 4.0 hours or sum of outages exceeding 7.0 hours per month will constitute a violation.

Monthly Availability % = ((Committed hours of service per month – Outage hours per month) / (Committed hours of service per month) * 100

Monthly Availability % = ((704 – 7) / 704) * 100 = 99% 

Service Credits

For each SLA violation, a service credit will be granted. A service credit is equal to the subscriber fee divided by thirty (30). For example, if the monthly fee is $50, one service credit will equal $50/30 ($1.66). Service credits will be applied to the next monthly billing. 

SLA Assumptions

This SLA applies to the FUSE production environment.

The total service credits to be issued by LogicBay to FUSE subscriber for all service losses that occur within a calendar month shall not exceed the total monthly subscription fee. Outage time shall not accrue during scheduled maintenance periods.

Problems that are outside of LogicBay’s scope of responsibility, resulting in a loss of service, are not covered by any of the provisions of this SLA.

Subscribers are responsible for providing a primary email address to be contacted in the event of a service loss. Subscriber must update and maintain their email address in the subscriber’s FUSE profile.

Force Majeure.   Neither party shall be deemed to be in breach of this Agreement for any failure or delay in performance caused by reasons beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to war, strike, riot, crime, or acts of God.