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PRM & LMS Functionality

Technology solutions for optimizing channel performance and boosting sales.

Two Powerful Tools in One Place

FUSE is a digital ecosystem to help every member in the manufacturing ecosystem better connect with each other, from suppliers to dealers to customers. To accomplish this, FUSE empowers users with access to Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Learning Management System (LMS) functionality to drive performance in sales, marketing, and training programs.

Combining these tools within the ecosystem allows you to add, access, and keep track of all the information you need from one place, no matter your role in the sales channel.


PRM Functionality

Available via FUSE: LogicBay’s PRM platform for manufacturers and dealers to manage and strengthen their relationships in the sales channel. This includes lead management, incentive program management, delivery of marketing campaigns, and a powerful reporting engine to monitor performance. LogicBay’s PRM is SOC2 Certified for its security and accessibility, so you can trust you’re getting a secure environment for delivering your company's proprietary content.

LMS Functionality

Available via FUSE: LogicBay’s LMS to provide training materials to an extended network of partners, suppliers, dealers, and customers. The LMS allows manufacturers to provide training courses for partners and customers through FUSE and track their progress. Role-based learning provides the right training material for the right person at the right time, all enabled with trackable incentives to ensure expected behaviors that align with optimal success outcomes.

Powered by LogicBay

LogicBay offers technology solutions and services for channel management with the mission to help brands build, scale, and optimize their sales channels. With FUSE, our goal hasn’t changed. We’re connecting every member of the sales channel to build a digital ecosystem that supports collaboration to fuel business growth.


Connect with Customers

The FUSE ecosystem helps dealers generate their own leads and close more business by creating relationships with new customers.

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