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FUSE for You

FUSE is an ecosystem for individuals, too. Whether you’re looking to get into the manufacturing space or are further developing your career, FUSE can help connect you to the people and resources to keep moving forward.

  • Receive information about any company or topic relevant to the manufacturing sector
  • Take classes and training to receive certifications without needing to enroll in a school or gain access to multiple learning platforms
  • Keep track of your certification transcripts and curricula, even if you change jobs
  • Find and apply to the job you’re seeking within a network of manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers

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Connect with Opportunities

FUSE provides access to a variety of certification courses and resources from multiple schools and companies all on one platform. Take your new knowledge and skills to FUSE’s job board and reach your career goals faster.

Build Stronger Relationships

Connect with members in all aspects of the manufacturing distribution chain and build a network to help you keep growing in your career.

Join the FUSE Ecosystem

Connect to the broader community of dealers, customers, fleet managers, and consultants, to connect, learn, and grow with the only global digital ecosystem for manufacturing.

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