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Make the most of your business relationships throughout the manufacturing ecosystem.

FUSE for Customers

FUSE was built to give manufacturers and dealers more opportunities to interact with customers and deliver an improved brand experience. Customers can utilize the FUSE ecosystem to stay connected with the brands and dealers they buy from, access information about their products, and get the support they need to succeed.

As a customer, the FUSE ecosystem will help you:

  • Access training materials and information about products from multiple brands in on one platform
  • Obtain product feedback from other customers and consumers
  • Provide feedback to OEM brands and their suppliers
  • Search for new products and find authorized dealers
  • Engage with the brands you love

See How it Works

Connect with New Solutions

The FUSE ecosystem is your new product catalog. Find the solutions your business is looking for and compare options from different brands, including reviews from other customers. Then, when you’re ready to buy, you can get in touch with the right reseller that’ll help your business.

Connect with Support

New products always take some adjusting, and FUSE connects you to a support system for learning how to use new solutions in no time. Access training materials and contact support techs certified to help you succeed and get the job done.

Join the FUSE Ecosystem

Become part of a community of dealers, customers, fleet managers, consultants, and educators and connect, learn, and grow with the only global digital ecosystem for manufacturing.

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