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Establish your own channel of thought leadership to drive new business and revenue streams.

FUSE for Consultants

Consultants and agencies are important to helping companies accomplish business goals with their expertise when brands or partners don’t have the staff or resources themselves. With FUSE, consultants can extend their reach and create new incremental revenue streams by offering their content and courses through the ecosystem.

As a consultant, the FUSE ecosystem will help you:

  • Identify and attract new customers
  • Collaborate with like-minded industry peers
  • Establish yourself or your firm as a subject matter expert (SME)
  • Offer your proprietary content and courses to generate new streams of revenue through the FUSE Academy

See How it Works

Connect with Brands

Discover new clients for your business through FUSE. Leverage the FUSE ecosystem to generate leads for your agency and connect with more companies who are looking for your expertise to help them grow.


Utilize Developed Content for Revenue

FUSE helps you build new streams of revenue with your existing materials and coursework. Add your resources and courses to our libraries and generate new revenue and leads from members who engage with your material.

Join the FUSE Ecosystem

Become part of a community of dealers, customers, fleet managers, consultants, and educators and connect, learn, and grow with the only global digital ecosystem for manufacturing.

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