Building Effective Channel Incentive Programs

Developing and implementing a strategic channel incentive program is essential to maintaining a successful indirect sales channel that is devoted to performance and continuous improvement. Naturally, incentive programs are a key component of an overall Performance Management strategy.

This webinar will help you understand the core components of a successful channel incentive program. In part one, join David Phillips, LogicBay's Executive VP of Business Development, and Jack Martin, President of j.fitzgerald group, inc. for a discussion about the immediate "to-do's" that make-up a channel incentive program.

This webinar covers:

  • Defining PRM, Partner Relationship Management
  • PRM best practices, specifically incentive programs
  • Why create an incentive program in the first place?
  • Steps to building your incentive plan
  • Top 10 "to-do's" when developing an incentive plan
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This webinar is part of LogicBay's Channel Partner Performance Webinar Series.

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