Your Starting Point on the Roadmap to Revenue Growth

By Kellie Auman Posted on 6/27/17 10:50 AM

Effective partnerships can greatly impact any company’s success.  Recently we announced technology partnerships with companies like Sisense, DocuSign and Videonitch.  In addition to technology partners, we also have strategic partners that can align their best practices in channel management strategy to a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution for our shared customer base. 

Among our list of strategic partners is Consilium Global Business Advisors, a group dedicated to supporting B2B manufacturing companies. Consilium offers clients a variety of services, that are focused on anticipating and capitalizing on trends in order to achieve scalable, predictable, and profitable growth. Below, we outlined the basic steps of the Revenue Growth Program, and also point out where our PRM solution fits in.

puzzle pieces of partnerships
  • Focus on Building Assets. This initial step helps you expand on your existing vision, brand, products, and marketing and sales teams to build your own revenue growth assets.
  • Experience, Tools & Coaching. This step equips you with the tools, wisdom, and a framework that will empower you and your team to achieve success.  This model incorporates:
    • Board level strategy and vision
    • Core insights and experience in sales, marketing and management
    • Written resources
    • Proven success framework
    • Expert coaching
  • Implementation. After the background work is complete, usually within 90 days, your team will have a full package of resources that will guide you during your first year and serve as your roadmap to success.  Resources include:
    • Business strategy, messaging and global approach
    • Data driven buyer personas
    • Competitive landscape
    • Six-month editorial plan
    • Integration and implementation of tools, reports and alerts for KPIs.

This is where LogicBay fits in.  Our PRM technology enables organizations to support, develop and manage their sales channel.  Our solution’s core capabilities include, recruiting and onboarding, managing lead flow, training and enabling staff, integrating current systems, developing incentives for your sales teams while monitoring and measuring your success.

  • Take Charge and Reap the Benefits. Once your team takes over, you will receive advice and coaching for the next three months.  This offering can be available longer depending on your current level of expertise and the amount of help you need moving forward.
  • Ready to Scale. Now that your company has been primed to develop and strengthen capabilities, you are ready to grow and scale.

The key to revenue growth is to capitalize on new and emerging buyer trends, exploring the opportunities that each create and how they will impact your business strategy.  The revenue growth program is well positioned for B2B industrial companies that are ready to build on their current strategy and execute against a newly developed process.  Are you ready to get started?

To learn more about Consilium and the Revenue Growth Program, click here.

To learn more about LogicBay’s PRM technology, click here.   

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