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Build Your Channel | Channel Management | Understanding PRM

What is Partner Relationship Management Software?

In most distribution channels, there are numerous entities (like dealers, distributors, VARs and reps) that rely on solid communication and...
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Build Your Channel | Understanding PRM

Partner Relationship Management: Creating Ecosystems Ready For Modern Business Needs

To survive in today’s business environment, a company needs to be well-managed, optimized, flexible, and able to quickly respond to changes in the...
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PRM Best Practices | PRM v. CRM | Understanding PRM

PRM or CRM: Learning How To Choose

There are more software tools than ever available to help companies effectively market and sell their products and services. By now, most...
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Build Your Channel | Understanding PRM | content marketing | content creation

Content Marketing Strategy:  Four Metrics To Track

It’s one thing to have a content marketing strategy and a large amount of content and materials online, but it’s another thing to know whether or...
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PRM Best Practice | Understanding PRM

Myths And Facts About Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software

If you sell or service your products through channel partners, you may have looked into Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software as a...
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