Too Many Systems Create Chaos In The Sales Channel

Posted by Kellie Auman on Oct 31, 2017 11:40:00 AM

Are you at a point where your operations are suffocating under the weight of all your software systems?

This is a relatively common problem these days, especially among companies who've been continually trying to stay on top of modern technology for the last ten or twenty years. For the longest time, B2B software was very much in a "wild west" state of affairs with few standards in place and incapabilities at the fore front. In many cases, businesses ended up building their own point solutions that worked for a single internal need, but weren't compatible with other homegrown solutions or the needs of their business partners.

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How To Make Sense of Technology Chaos In The Sales Channel

Posted by Kellie Auman on Oct 19, 2017 3:10:23 PM

Are the technology options that can help scale your sales channel confusing you?  Is the acronym soup that represents the hundreds of tools and systems designed for the channel making your head spin?  On the heels of our recently released Executive Brief, PRM or CRM?  The Right Choice for the Indirect Sales Channel we put together on online seminar that will help define and dissect the many moving pieces and technologies within a modern day sales channel.

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Industry Trends for Indirect Sales Channel Management

Posted by Seth Jacobsen on Jan 7, 2016 1:30:00 PM

The name of the game in indirect sales channel management is “integration.” Channel managers for manufacturers and OEMs are always looking for ways to integrate their numerous tasks of managing their indirect sales channel partners into one system. Marketing products and services through a network of indirect sales partners (dealers, resellers, VARs) is most effective when a company fully engages its channel partners with its products and way of doing business. When channel partners are engaged, it means they are supported by the manufacturer whose products they sell, and understand those products and best practices for selling them. 

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