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Simplify and Transform Your Distribution Network With PRM

It's not uncommon to think a dealer portal is how you should interface with your distribution network.  After all, it will give your dealers and...
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Partner Collaboration | kpi | analytics

How A North Star Metric Could Simplify Your Partner Goal Alignment

KPIs can be difficult to communicate – particularly across a large ecosystem. A North Star metric could potentially get around this problem, if...
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Partner Collaboration | Channel Marketing Strategy | customer service | Brand promotion

Five Methods To Enhance Your B2B Customer Engagement

With ever-changing business environments, recalibrating your marketing and outreach methods are often required to ensure you and your partners...
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Partner Collaboration | communication | Buyer Trends | customer service

Buyers Want Multiple Lines Of Communication - Are Your Partners Keeping Up?

It seems like every time people think they have inbound marketing figured out, the environment shifts and it’s time to rethink strategies again....
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Partner Collaboration | kpi | Measuring what matters

Stay On-Course With A North Star Metric

We love to keep an eye on blogs from the industry, and particularly those coming out of our partner companies. (It’s a great way to get new...
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Time Is Money: How Encouraging Digital Sales Closes More Deals

In our last blog, we talked about some of the reasons that seemingly-promising leads turn into lost sales. There was one other item we wanted to...
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Optimize Your Channel | Partner Collaboration | Channel Conflict | PRM solutions

Four Best Practices for Reducing Friction in the Sales Channel

In physics, we learned that friction occurs when two moving surfaces rub against each other, generating resistance that slow or stops their...
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Partner Collaboration | Channel Marketing Strategy | webinar | Brand promotion

Four Tips For Creating A Successful Webinar

We don’t need to tell you that content marketing is a must for promoting your brand, both in terms of increasing awareness among buyers as well as...
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lead management | Inbound Marketing | Partner Collaboration | Increase Channel Sales | lead generation

Four Easy Ways To Generate More Leads

As mentioned in the past, buyer behavior has changed drastically in the last decade or so, and it's forcing channel sales programs to evolve in...
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